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Aggregated Fields


Audience: Administrators


Aggregated Fields are formulas that are created using one or more fields from your source data to calculate employee metrics. Once an Aggregated Field is created, Administrators and Read/Write users can use it in an Enumerated Table to display on a Master Page.

Accessing The Aggregated Field Editor
  1. Log in to OrgChart.

  2. Click on More > Chart Settings, and then click on the Fields & Formulas tab in the left side menu.

  3. Click on the f(x) Create button, and then select the Aggregated Field option.

  4. The Aggregated Field Editor is displayed.

Defining an Aggregated Field
  1. Open the Aggregated Field Editor (following the steps in the section above), and then enter a name for the Aggregated Field in the Formula Name text box.

  2. Click on a field in the Fields section, and then drag it into either the Columns or Rows section.



    Columns and Rows refer to the positioning of the selected field(s) within the Enumerated Table.

  3. Optionally, click and drag other fields into the Columns or Rows sections, to calculate employee metrics based on multiple variables.


    Once more than one field is present in the Columns or Rows sections, the 5_2_UpArrow.png and 5_2_DownArrow.png icons are illuminated.

    Select a field, and then click on the 5_2_UpArrow.png or 5_2_DownArrow.png icon in the corresponding section to move it up or down in the list.

  4. Click on the 5_2_RoundPlus_icon.png icon (to the right of the Results heading), and then select an operation from the dropdown menu.

  5. Optionally, click on a field and then drag it into the Filters section.

  6. Mouse over the field in the Filters section, and then click on the 5_2_2_Filter_Value_Picker_Icon.png icon. A list of values associated with the selected field is displayed.

  7. Toggle the values that you wish to exclude from the Aggregated Field calculation.

  8. Click on Save, and then Refresh. The new Aggregated Field is added to the list of Fields & Formulas.


If an Aggregated Field breakdown result exceeds the maximum capacity of 25 Columns x 25 Rows, you will see a 5_2_ChartSettings_source_Warning1.png icon to the left of the Aggregated Field.

Click on the AggField_Icon.png icon to refine the Aggregated Field configuration in order to use it.


Employees that do not have a value populated for one of the fields used to create the Aggregated Field will not be included in the calculation.

Auxiliary employees (employees who report to more than one supervisor) will only be counted once.


If you need to edit the configuration of an Aggregated Field after its initial creation, ensure that you always Save, and then Refresh the chart to preserve your changes.

Aggregated Field Examples

The following articles provide step-by-step instructions on how to create various types of Aggregated Fields: