OrgChart Now Help Guide

More Menu


The More menu allows users to view information about their OrgChart account, as well access product documentation.

Administrators can also refresh data, and access various administrative tools.

Accessing the More Menu

Click on the 5_2_More.png icon in the Top Toolbar. The More menu is displayed.


The More Menu gives you access to various administration tools.

Refresh Data

Immediately synchronize the current Master Chart with source data.

Chart Settings

Manage data sources, import filters, chart presentation options, and other chart settings.

Account Settings

Manage Master Charts, account users, security, and other account settings.


Access details about the current chart and your OrgChart account. The information in the About panel can be helpful when logging a support ticket with OrgChart Support.


Access help resources (see the Help Resources section below for more information).

Sign Out

Sign out of OrgChart.


The options available in the The options available in the Mode Switcher will vary depending on a user's Role and Access Group.

Help Resources

These resources can be found under the Help option.


Contact information for contacting OrgChart Support.

Terms of Service

Access details on your subscription agreement.


Launch the OrgChart Now online Help Guide.