OrgChart Now Help Guide

File Manager


The File Manager allows Administrators to organize Chart Documents, data, Master Pages, and photos in various directories.

Optionally, Administrators can create new directories, and grant access to other users based on their Access Group.

Read/Write users can also access the File Manager, and, permitting their Access Group, have access to a Private Folder or other existing directory where they can store content.

Accessing the File Manager
  1. Click on the 5_2_Mode_Small.png icon in the top right corner, and then click on the Workbench option.

  2. Click on the Document Menu, and then select the File Manager option from the dropdown menu.



A lightweight version of the File Manager can be accessed by Administrators in other areas of the application.

The File Manager accessed in the manner described above is the only version that allows Administrators to create and modify folders, rename files, and delete content from the server.

Navigating the File Manager

The following options are available at the top of the File Manager.


Add new folder.


Rename selected folder.


Delete selected folder.


Copy selected file.


Rename selected file.


Remove selected file from the parent folder.

The file is moved to the trash.


Click on files that have been move to the trash, and drag them to an existing folder to remove them from the trash.