OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Pie Chart Example


Administrators and Read/Write users can generate a Pie Chart using HRIS and display it on a Master Page.

In this example, we will create a Pie Chart that represents the percentages of employees in a specific location.

Creating a Pie Chart

  1. Log in to OrgChart.

  2. Click on Builder, and then configure your Builder settings to generate a Chart Document with your desired scope.

  3. Click on Go.

  4. Click on the Presentation menu, and then select the Master Editor option.

  5. Click on the 5_2_ChartEditor_Insert_Legend.png icon (under the Insert heading), and then click on the Master Page to place it.

  6. Click and drag the small blue box (in the bottom right corner of the Pie Chart element) to resize it.

  7. While the Pie Chart element is selected, click on the 5_2_ChartEditor_Arrange_Positioning.png icon (under the Arrange heading) to pin the Pie Chart to a specific area.


    Optionally, use the Move Object tool (under the Tools heading) to move the Pie Chart element anywhere on the Master Page.

  8. Right click on the Pie Chart element, and then click on Pie Chart Editor. The Pie Chart Editor is displayed.

  9. Right click in the Pie Chart element, and then search for the field you would like to display.

  10. The Pie Chart element auto-populates.

  11. Click Save. The Pie Chart is displayed on the Master Page.

  12. Click on the Document menu, and then save the Master Page to the Master folder. The Master Page will be available to apply in the Chart Settings: Presentation menu.