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OrgChart Help Guide

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Audience: Administrators


Signify is an HR management tool used to collect and organize employee records. OrgChart Now can connect directly to Signify. The following is a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to Signify's compatibility with OrgChart.


Q: How do I set up my connection to Signify?

Click the following link to learn how to set up a Signify connector.

Q: Can I pull photos from Signify into my org charts?


Q: What fields can I pull from Signify?

OrgChart Now pulls all fields associated with an employee record.

Q: Can I pull fields from custom objects?


Q: Can I limit the fields that a user is able to pull from Signify?

OrgChart allows admin to limit the fields they are pulling from Signify with Import Filters. Reference the Import Filter Example article to learn more about how to apply a Limit Fields Import Filter.

Q: Can I merge data from a secondary source with Signify data?

Yes. Reference the Merge Data Connectors article to learn more about merging secondary data sources.

Q: Can I embed org charts (generated from Signify) data into my intranet?