OrgChart Now Help Guide



Audience: Administrators


The General panel allows Administrators to define the launch behavior of the application, as well as view various account- details.

Accessing Account Settings

Select More > Account Settings and then select the General option from the left side menu.

Launch Mode

Set the location within the application an end-user is launched to upon login.

Launch To:

Mode displayed upon login (Viewer, Directory, or Workbench).


Type of chart or chart data displayed upon login (Chart Document or Master Chart)


Master Chart or Chart Document displayed upon login.


The Administration section provides the following information:

Company Name:

Set the 'Company Name' auto-text element. Auto-text elements can be placed on Master Pages.


Unique identifier associated with your OrgChart account.

Box Limit:

The maximum number of records that can be loaded into your OrgChart account.

Email to request a box limit increase.

Allowed Box Limit:

Temporary number of records that can be loaded into the account to accommodate box overages.

Email to request a temporary Box Limit increase.

Seat Count:

Number of available user seats that can be filled.

Email to request more seats.

Download Activity Report

Download an Excel file detailing the login activity within your account.