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OrgChart Help Guide



Audience: Administrators


Chart Documents created using Builder (linked to a Master Chart ) and saved in Workbench can be set to automatically sync along with the source data.

Administrators can schedule this automatic refresh in the Document Settings: Refresh panel.

Accessing Refresh
  1. Create a Chart Document, or open an existing on in Workbench.

  2. Click on the 5_2_1_BlueGear_nofill.png icon in the Workbench toolbar. The Document Settings: Changes panel is displayed by default.

  3. Click on the Refresh tab in the left side menu.

Refresh Options

The following options are available:

Automatically Refresh Chart checkbox

Check to enable automatic refresh on the current Chart Document.


Select the frequency at which the current Chart Document refreshes against the linked data source.

Time (GMT)

Select the time (GMT) at which the current Chart Document refreshes.

Email Notification:

Email of user that will receive an email notification if the current Chart Document fails to refresh.

Update Auto Refresh Schedule

Click on this button to preserve your auto-refresh schedule settings.