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OrgChart Help Guide

Table of Contents

OrgChart Overview

OrgChart is web-based software that automates the creation of organizational charts and facilitates workforce planning exercises. OrgChart is the #1 cloud-based organizational charting platform in the world and saves time for thousands of HR professionals every day.

Benefits include:

  • Nothing to Install – 100% web based - works on Mac, PC, tablets and mobile devices. Work with all major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

  • Data Connectors – Director connection with over 40 HR and directory solutions.

  • True Automation – Solve the tactical problem of automating your org charts. Effortlessly synchronize your charts with your source data.

  • Flexible presentation Engine – Control which fields are shown in boxes. Set colors and fonts. Add calculations. Add photos. Apply conditional formats. Add tables and legend.

  • Effortless publishing – Easily communicate org charts via professional quality PDF or PowerPoint exports. Securely embed live charts in your intranet.

  • Collaborative Workforce Planning – Strategic solution for workforce planning and scenario modeling. Start with your current org chart and plan for the future.

  • Designed for HR Professionals – Handles real-world use cases including combining data sources, adding vacancies, charting project teams or functional teams, adding dotted-line and matrix reports.

  • Scalable - Handles even the largest organizations (up to 1,000,000 employees).


Two editions are available for OrgChart: Premium and Enterprise.

To find out what is included in your edition, please review the OrgChart Editions article.

Key Concepts

  • Viewer - A read-only environment for navigating Master Charts, which are generated from HR data source(s) and typically synchronized on a daily basis.

  • Builder - A tool for generating a Chart Document (using a snapshot of any subset of a Master Chart) for adhoc customization.

  • Workbench- A read/write environment where users can modify a Chart Document (add, update, move, delete boxes and change presentation options) created with Builder. Chart Documents can be saved, exported, and even scheduled to refresh along with its parent Master Chart.

  • Collaborative Planning - A module for forecasting workforce changes. Users can create, share and update plans in real-time using intuitive tools.