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Cornerstone Connector Configuration


Audience: Administrators


Cornerstone is a Human Capital Management solution. OrgChart can pull employee data directly from Cornerstone using a REST API. The following article provides instructions for configuring your Cornerstone instance for OrgChart integration.

Configuring a Cornerstone Connector
  1. Work with your Cornerstone System Administrator to create a API Service user, which will be bound to the application, Client ID, and Secret.


    The API service user must have access to Manage Edge APIs, and to view the Employee API.

  2. Follow the steps outlined in the Manage OAuth 2.0 Applications section of the Cornerstone API Management article.

  3. Copy and paste the generated Client ID and Client Secret to your Notepad.

  4. Follow the instructions in the Cornerstone Connector Setup article to finalize your integration, and begin pulling data into OrgChart.